Customizable Spectacles
Jan - Jun 2014
Collaboration with Jade Fernandez

project Description

Glasses are special. They mold your every facial expression. Yet, current models are restrictive and don’t allow for self expression. Spectra, is a pair of customizable spectacles, that enables you to maintain that special bond with your glasses but gives you the freedom to change your look anytime you want. 


I started the project by diving into user research with people of different ages, genders, people who wore glasses even if they didn’t need them or only for reading. We began to identify a need for self-expression through people’s glasses.


We made over 200 pairs of spectacles to refine our product. This meant working with different materials and colors. We looked at wood, metal, and plastic and created prototypes with all three to understand the best form for each material. 


Our final product was made out of plastic acetate that enabled us to achieve the colors and finishes we required. In addition, we planned on launching this project on Indiegogo (as we could not use Kickstarter as they classed spectacles as a medical device). However, we suspended the project as both Jade and myself received job offers upon graduation that would not have allowed the continuation of the project.

We created an Indiegogo pitch video and two teaser trailers employing the use of humor and emotion to convey and sell our product.
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